Standing Rock / Stolen Native Patternwork #10

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

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placeholder Syd Bee Raised in the Pacific Northwest on the Colville Indian Reservation and in Portland, OR, Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s life has been a nomadic journey guided by art and activism. Today, his work combines traditional Native patterns and symbols with repetitive American iconography, along with his own creations, to explore themes of exploitation, death, urban life, and natural landscape. Spencer commonly exhibits his art to raise awareness and funds for Indigenous rights and environmental protection.

The SODO Track has transformed the portal to Downtown Seattle – a two-mile transit corridor traveled by over 50,000 daily – into an imaginative raceway in motion. This free and accessible urban art gallery is the first to commission over 60 artists from 20 countries to explore one theme, and paint side-by-side.

Over three summers, hometown heroes and renowned international artists – invited by curator Gage Hamilton and who self-submitted to 4Culture’s Muralist Roster – produced over 50 murals exploring motion, speed and progress. Their diverse array of ideas, perspectives, and aesthetics come together in a continuous line of sight, connecting the local to global in one communal creative experiment.

The SODO Track spans 5th Ave South between Royal Brougham Way and Spokane Street, in Seattle’s South of Downtown (SODO) neighborhood.

64 artists produced 51 murals in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The SODO Track is produced by 4Culture in partnership with SODO BIA, King County Metro and Sound Transit, Urban ArtWorks and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. © 2018 4Culture, all rights reserved.

Learn more at the SODOTRACK Website

Artist(s): Standing Rock / Stolen Native Patternwork #10 | @skcstandingrock, When it Rains it Purrs | @sydbeeart, When it Rains it Purrs | @caseyweldon

Photographed by: Wiseknave and Anna Kooris

Created:  2017

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