About Brush of Seattle

Brush of Seattle is the creation of Jeff Reifman and Brittany Rye. Our goal is to help you find the Emerald City's most beautiful and playful street art and to learn more about the artists.

Brush of Seattle is the successor to Jeff's Portland Wild which showcases the city's public art murals, its Heritage Trees and its Little Free Libraries.


Brush of Seattle is dedicated to Henry, Seattle's ubiquitous street artist who makes us all feel like kids, to Real Change News whose vendors know the city well and keep us company along our mural sightseeing, and to all the amazing street artists, many of whom worked quickly to beautify the streets and support small business during the pandemic.


We greatly appreciate 4Culture for generously allowing us to integrate and share the SODO Track murals with you as part of Brush of Seattle. Learn more at the SODOTRACK website.

Contact and Submissions

Yes, we'd greatly appreciate donations of photos of murals not yet in our collection and especially more CHAZ and CHOP photos. Visit contact to learn more and get in touch with us.

About Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a Seattle-based technical project lead. His recent projects include Meeting Planner and helping The Herbfarm raise funds to deliver 15,000 meals to doctors, nurses and hospital staff during Washington's COVID-19 shutdown. Learn more or follow @reifman where he may tweet again.

About Brittany Rye

Brittany Rye is a Seattle-based photographer who works under the name Gnome Hart (@house.of.gnome). Her areas of interest include architecture and street art. Brittany helped move Brush of Seattle from future idea to 2020 reality.

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