Contact Brush of Seattle

We would enjoy hearing from you and we will do our best to keep up with your emails. Please feel free to email us your questions, suggestions, feedback, bug reports and new feature ideas. You can reach us at

Keep in mind, Brush of Seattle is a volunteer effort for us and it may take us some time to respond to your messages. If urgent, please follow and DM Jeff on Twitter @reifman or message him.

Mural Submissions

If you would like to donate your photography of COVID-19 board-up murals or permanent murals to the website, please review the following guidelines. We are especially interested in receiving photos of CHAZ and CHOP.

  1. Please check that the murals you're adding are not already on the site.
  2. Check that your murals have GPS (or geocoding) embedded in the metadata. Most modern mobile phones provide this automatically. When editing photos, be sure to preserve the GPS and export the photos with it.
  3. Please include your name and email addess or phone number, the artists name (if you know it) and the photos as attachments (up to five). Mail to
  4. If you have a larger collection of photos to share, please email us your name and phone number and we will get in touch.
  5. Lastly, if you would like credit on the mural page for your photos, please provide 1-2 sentences about yourself and your twitter or instagram usernames.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.